About Us

WCDT At A Glance

Founded in 1980, Wadzanai Community Development Trust (WCDT)'s primary goal as an orgnisation is to develop the community through empowering women who are involved in income generatin projects. WCDT’s core objectives are to use knowledge and support as mobilization tools to raise awareness on developmental issues.The organisation helps disadvantaged women to become socio-economically empowered and self reliant. WCDT’s intention is to develop role models and community leaders from the widowed and vulnerable women participating in its various programs.

To transform communities through women empowerment, by delivering effective mentorship and support to women from impoverished backgrounds.
  • To engage and empower women and youth through support and promotion of sustainable socio-economic programs.

  • Economically and socially empowered, self reliant women and youth in communities.”

  • To promote constitutional awareness
  • To promote development and social accountability in rural communities.
  • To increase awareness on the sustainable conservation of natural resources
  • To develop the capacity of women to take up leading roles in development issues.
  • To empower women, men & youth in income generating project for socio-economic well being in the community
  • To promote gender equity amongst community members for the reduction and elimination of Gender Based Violence and sexual harassment

Our History

Wadzanai Community Development Trust is a community based organization, founded on the premise of uplifting women’s and youths’ socio-economic status targeting women and youth in communal lands through the promotion of women and youth to active and leading roles in development issues, and in carrying out income generating projects.

Wadzanai Community Development Trust was founded in the early 1980s by a group of rural women in Chinamhora who came together to teach each other income generating activities. It then evolved into a co-operative and was eventually registered as a trust in 2006.